Tim is a lifelong photographer that started shooting in high school.  Prompted by an Art Class in Photography, he started out with his first 35mm camera of class assignments that included taking the pictures, developing them and presenting them for the completion of the assignments.  From there he moved on to newspapers, editorials and finally into commercial photography.  At each stage he showed great promise and talent that manifested itself many times throughout his career.
Over the years he has shot air to air, general aviation, automobiles, trains and most mobile vehicles.  In the past ten years, he has worked almost exclusively in the digital world creating photosimulations for the telecommunications Industry. His aircraft illustrations were developed into decals for plastic models and posters of various air carriers' historical livery.  He also expresses his style in his many “light paintings” which are shot exclusively in total darkness using the subject, an open shuttered camera and a spotlight, flashlight or penlight to “paint” the photo into a masterpiece.
Most recently, Tim’s passion for horses emerged and he has truly found his professional niche in the world of cowboys and horse racing.  Tim has a keen eye for capturing the picture behind the picture and wanting to tell more of the story to show the viewer something that they might not normally get to see.   His work has been well received with many claiming some photos simply "have to be a pencil drawing" rather than a photograph due to the level of detail he has been able to achieve in specific photos. 
Tim completed his first photo book entitled “Montana True Grit:  A Day in the Life of a Cowboy”  Now, a second companion book "True Grit 2: A Photo Essay of the Western Cowboy" was just completed in December 2022.

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